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29 November 2007 @ 08:58 pm
you know, being a teacher is more than just teaching. you have to protect your ass at all times. there's a reason why we're not allowed to touch the students in any way: they could sue you.
i had a close call today.
a student came with her psychologist aunt, grandma and the school psychologist to confront me about a time over a month ago where i touched her face and hair.
the aunt came to me saying how if she wanted to she could have me arrested and it would end my career for good as well as my master's. saying how she could sue me. naming this law and that law and throwing that shit around.
well, needless to say i had thoroughly shit myself.
i admit it, i cried like a little baby. and for a long time too. in fact, it's now about 6 hours later and my eyes are still pink.
in the end, we finished by saying that i can never touch the student again and recommended i never touch any student again.
i'll be making sure to follow that advice.
so yeah. i'm extremely stressed, knowing that i have those threats hanging over my head like a sword at any moment.
it's really really stupid and i hate myself for putting myself into this position.
either way, it's a learning situation.

by the way, it's my birthday.
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05 November 2007 @ 06:33 pm
well, hello. this is praia.
things have been strange lately. i've been growing more and more upset at the fact that i don't know what my future holds. i've spent the last few years studying psychology and i'm not sure if pursuing a career in that field would make me happy. i've been working on my teacher's certification for nearly a year, and  i don't even know if i LIKE teaching. it's an ok experience.....just so much damn work.....and the kids get me so upset. sigh.
so yeah. i've been researching possible paths for my future and art must be a part of it. music...art...drawings....dancing. i don't even know. it's frustrating.
sigh. in any case, this shall be my little place to vent and such.
have a good whatever.
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